Not too much time to spend collecting eerie photos for this weeks photography theme so, I thought I’d show you what a hospital I’m visiting this week showed off for their departmental festive contest. Quite a collection from the creative sorts at Promedic Hospital in Toledo, OH.

There were about 20 entries and these to witch themed ones were my favorites. Wish I knew which entry won!

Eerie On The Road

Inclement weather is always a concern for drive days. We’ve driven in some huge downpours and have had to pull over to wait it out but, we’ve also had the fog roll in. Although, not fun making your way through misty low visibility weather. However, fog and low clouds do make for beautiful images.

However eerie a foggy drive may be, the opposite is true for early morning fog; the sun is beginning to rise, the air is slowly warming and the low clouds strive to linger.

Sometimes when you lose your way in the fog,
you end up in a beautiful place.

Mehmet Murat Ildan

Anticipating what we’ll find after such a drive just adds to the experience.

The first image was our first boondocking find on our first trip north of the border, in 2019. It was a quiet recreation area west of Banff National Park which was our next destination. The second image is from last month at Clark Fork Campground. We were right on the river. It was a great free campground. Being offseason made for a very quiet visit with only 4 of the 15 sites occupied. Doesn’t everyone love finding watery mirror images.

Enjoy Eerie

Fog does’t march in very often at our home base but it showed up the week after Christmas and gave me something to shoot using my new camera lens and gift from my honey. This is what I think of when I think spooky thoughts!

When searching online for “fog” quotes, I discovered Mehmet, a Turkish writer. Below is his Instagram account which has some beautiful thoughts.

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