Anyone else find hiking to be more interesting than a walk on the treadmill or even neighborhood? We do!

Not only a little more challenging but I usually log much higher mileage, making it a great additional to our overall activity. This is especially true if you travel on the road in an RV a few months out of the year.

The other perk is observing wildlife. Many times we only see squirrels and lizards (depending where we’re at in the USA), but every once in awhile it’s an animal or bird that shows up and treats us with a glimps.

My Favorite Furry Animal

Now of course the #1 fur beast in our world is Mr. Cooper, the puggle. He was still acting young when this photo was taken during an earlier road trip. These days, he’s aged much more and isn’t quite as interested in spotting other wildlife, although the occasional squirrel still gets his attention.

Our Ultimate Wildlife Encounter

We encountered a Billy Goat roadblock on a trail in Glacier National Park. This was the adult male goat. We paused. The human crowd built up. We all waited patiently for them to move off the trail. It was a family with 2 or 3 kids enjoying their lunch.

After about 10 minutes with little progress, Steve and another gentleman, slowly moved forward encouraging them to move off the trail. They did skitter away enough for us all to pass and move on. The male stood watching us all from an elevated distance.

Glacier National Park

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Fun Feathers Everywhere

Birds are everywhere when you’re outside, but most of the time they’re too far away for my lens to capture well. I am starting to get better with my new smaller telephoto that I have available this year. For now, here’s a few feathery creatures found in our outdoorsy adventures.

Few more Friends and Foes of the Animal World!

One Last Furry Creature!

With Halloween recently past, this is a great memory to share. My daughter, Cara loved our cats when she was little. She even decided to make believe she was a cat around the house. She’d crawl around, meow and even head butt your leg. It was funny then and still makes me chuckle to remember her kitty animation. I wonder if she even remembers her time as a kitty cat? Maybe she doesn’t but I do know she remembers nearly every costume we created together including this one from kindergarten.

To this day, she loves both cats and Halloween. Even all grown and with or without a Halloween activity or place to be festive, she’ll dress up on 10/31 anyways and enjoy the day as her alter ego.

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