Trees. Resilient. Endure. Energy. Strength.

This weeks photo challenge theme is Trees and Leaves. There was a time when I didn’t really pay attention to trees. That’s what happens when you grow up surrounded by concrete. After a few years of traveling and living more and more outdoors, you begin to appreciate trees. A landscape without trees is land without character.

Standing Guard

Different Textures and Colors

Can be enchanting to see the variety of textures and colors trees around us display.

Growing Up In Odd Places

Or, they show up where you’d never think a tree would be able to grow. Kind of like some of us, I’m sure.

Different Sizes and Shapes

Also, like us humans they are small, tall, straight, and sprawling.

Getting Lost in the Trees

RV travel provides us the opportunity to discover trees and leaves not in our home area. I’m intrigued by the unique and wonderful trees we do spot while out and about.

Mountain Top Pond In The Evergreens
Don't let a Rock Get You Down!
Don’t Let a Rock Get You Down

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