This week’s photo challenge theme is showcasing Ruby Red as our color of the month. This theme challenged me as I had very few archived photos fitting our color theme.

What do you think of or visualize when you hear ruby red? Besides shoes, my mind turned to wine. And not just any wine, but complex, lingering and bold wine. This inspired me to pour a glass and show off an antique ruby red pitcher. Both boldly beautiful.

Cheers to You All

Be Bold

Bold Ruby Red Wine and another antique piece from my red glassware collection. This small corner is just above a small wine refrigerator. The refrigerator was an inexpensive indulgence from me to me for my 50th and I do love having it; makes a difference, especially if you live in hotter climates. The red glass pitcher pairs nicely with this glass of wine, don’t you think?

Here’s both the wine corner and a few antique vases collected of the years. These were also shown in a previous SundayStill called Finding Delightful, Coloful Decor with the theme being indoor / outdoor decor.

Archive: More Bold Red

This first archived photo comes from our 2020 Backpacking trip in Montana. We hiked up and over the Sundance Pass. This was painfully slow uphill climb. Followed by a miserably long and descent. My feet acquired painfully huge blisters. Sandwiched in between was breathtaking view of the pass and lunch. Like all difficult accomplishments, in the end, it was worth the effort and a bold accomplishment.

How’s that blend into our color theme? The trail was filled with pockets of wildflowers, including this beauty.

This is before our climb to the pass. This portion of the trail was dotted with these dark red blooms.

Just last month we traveled along the Salmon River in Idaho. Isn’t it beautiful to spot remnants of overnight showers lingering the next morning; aside from the mud puddles, that is. This shrub brightened up the cloudy landscape with its dark red branches. Best I can determine, it is a Red Dogwood. Let me know in the comments if you agree or not!

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