We had a great time as fall moved in, discovering various camping options along the Salmon River.

Cottonwood Recreation Area – BLM Managed Campground

These are near Challis, ID and Stanley, ID and provide ample in season recreation including rafting and hunting. Being shoulder season, we just used the quiet time to hang out and explore the area.

What’s Next

Next week, we’ll continue sharing the area’s gold mining and historic ghost town. Very enjoyable way to spend our time and Jeep didn’t mind getting a little dirty.

In real-time as I write this we are actually back in Southern California and have been making some slow progress on various projects. Mostly chores and not really blog or video worthy unless you want to see me raking up leaves and Steve digging ditches! But he also completed the vehicle maintenance tasks on jeep and Maximus and is now doing our old Lance 1130 camper repairs. Once those are completed, we’ll clean it completely inside and out and finish returning it back to it’s original configuration. Then it’ll go up for sale.

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