This is part 2 of our time camping and exploring along the Salmon River in Idaho. We had no idea there were ghost towns around us and set out for the day to visit.

Custer Ghost Town is between Challis, ID and Stanley, ID. In the summer there’s a museum and tour info. As a National Historic Place, it is a well maintained piece of mining history in Idaho.

We also spent time checking out the Yankee Fork Dredge. Very impressive price of machinery considering it was created in the late 1930s and was the 3rd dredger to tackle this area. Previous attempts to dredge the claims failed due to inadequate equipment.


Come explore the history with us! If you make it to this area, it’s a worthwhile trek especially in the summer when you can tour the town but also go inside the dredge.

What’s Next

We are finishing up our replacement solar project for Maximus. We’re both excited to see this fully operational.

And, in a couple of days we’re taking a break to the Cabo San Lucas, MX area. Looks like we’ll be blessed with great weather and we’re planning a couple boating and snorkeling tours.

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Found Peace | vlog 2202-6 | ID Back to WY

Travel update #6 is we finished work on our property and knew we eventually were going to land in Montana. With that in mind, I found us a new area to explore called Granite Creek Road in the Bridger-Teton National Forest.

Finally, we have a simple easy trek and a problem free experience; plus not more work and we got out to explore. Enjoy!

Granite Creek Road USFS – Camp Review

If you’re following our 2022 travels, you know we traveled from WY to our Idaho lot. Found a couple nice camping areas along the way. We then leave ID and wind our way back to WY. Granite Creek Road was such a peaceful stay for us. We stayed for 3 days overlooking the Hoback River and enjoyed our unconnected downtime. Unique for a USFS area is a Hot Springs pool.