Perhaps Grand is a more appropriate description for these towering, white mountains.

Banfff National Park

But Glorious is usually what my heart sings when we find a water fall.

Thousands Spring area in Twin Falls, ID

Are water falls less glorious as the temperature drops and water freezes? I’d say they are still glorious and even wonderfully enchanting.

Twin Falls near Mammoth Lakes

White Beachy Sand in Unusual Places

Growing up along the west coast area, I’d only known sands to exist on a beach with crashing waves. The ever changing tides, continuously moving the grains around.

Then, I finally made it to the White Sands National Monument located in New Mexico. Grand, pristine white sand dunes built up and broken down by the wind.

Plants learn to Survive in Sand Dunes
Miles and Miles of White Sand

Grand Buildings of Yesteryear

When I stumbled into this quote, I had to dig out my San Antonio Missions trip. I was sure there’d be a white shot to share; or, off-white in this case!

If time were a color, I bet it’d be a tasteful off-white.

Greg parrish

The missions here have stood the test of time. Made from construction materials fabricated from nature and continue to withstand the force of nature.

Historical places providing a glimpse into life in another era and an impressive mind set to building techniques using the local resources around them. Over 100s of years, some structures still remain to teach, enrich, and even amaze. In the US, the San Antonio Mission Trails Historical Sites, provides one such glimpse into not just Texas History but also Christian and US history.

Mission San Jose y San Miguel de Aguayo

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