Technically this is a late release of the previous week’s photo challenge, but I thought it’s nearly done, so just click that publish button!

Many of us have different phases of life. One of this phases is probably a wild phase. Perhaps it’s just that young adult phase before settling down or it’s a end of working life phase before we lose our youth to our aging and slowing down bodies!

I can’t profess to have succumbed to either of those phases. Here’s my late release, photo challenge theme post. The theme is wildlife and although I wish I could show you my wild life you’ll have to settle for our wild life encounters while visiting Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park back in 2019.

While Yellowstone is a park to be visited, Glacier National Park is a park to be visited again, and again and again! It was my first year out on the road and our goal was to visit these parks. It was my first visit. Why I waited til I was in my 50’s to get out and see these wonderful areas, I have no idea. And if you haven’t had the opportunity, let me tell you, there’s no time like the present to just get ‘er done.

Now back to the photos. I’m just going to share several of my favorite photos. I’m positive I have hundreds of pictures between these two park visits. However only a handful of animals stood still enough for me to capture; so, now here they are:

Better late than never and now I hope to follow this up quickly with our next photo theme of the Elements (fire, air, water, wind, Earth). All of which can have their wild sides.

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