With no deadline or place to be it is sometimes difficult to halt the shop life and transition to hitting the road.  We’ve been here long enough that our routines have become comfortable, very comfortable. 

There is comfort by having a routine in the place where we rest our head night after night, yet we find we continue seeking a way to infuse our days with a change of scenery … something new to invigorate our spirit and our soul.  Evidently, for us, getting too comfortable leads to boredom and we desire to get away.

Comfort zone has the most comfortable bed in life where dreams become alive in your mind but never become a reality, because you never get up from bed to make it happen.

Oscar Bimpong

We, or should I say I, tend to break up the home base routine by taking time to go spend with my family and hop on a plane for beach vacations.  These all help to feed the exploration need for a bit; but, eventually that stuck in place feeling returns.

What’s Been Happening

We’ve been mostly stationary since late October 2021.  Here’s what we’ve been up other than working on Maximus:

  • Beach trip to Cabo San Lucas
  • Holiday time here with kids crowding into the house
  • Cheryl & sister meet up in Scottsdale, AZ where Cara (daughter) had just closed on her first townhouse
  • Steve hung with the boys working on a house project
  • Truck Camper Rally 2022 in Quartzsite, AZ
  • Took the long way home from Quartzsite to Phoenix then looped up to Parker, AZ (the Desert Bar was an interesting afternoon discovery)
  • Sister in town for a family memorial so I combined her trip her with a short jaunt to Newport Beach, CA.

Sounds like a lot of good times, yet it isn’t enough.  Those were temporary respites and it is now time to make the “more” happen.  Now we will halt project mode and get unstuck from this routine.  Time to restart our road tripping and leave our small bubble we call home base behind.

Today, it’s that time where projects start winding down, cleanup ramps up, and packing ourselves back into Maximus gets underway.

Recently, we took care of (1) family needs,  which included a late April memorial and a weekend trip with my sister and (2) Steve completed the hydronic project testing.

Next up is to wrap up more minor rig projects and finish moving back into Maximus.

Moving In Process

Moving for us is getting simpler; we do relocate many personal belongings from house to camper along with camera and computer gear. 

About 2 weeks out, is when I start prepping.  Mainly food prep, restocking the galley and give it all a good cleaning.  That provides time to purchase missing or broken items before we leave.  It’ll go quickly, as I’ve gotten better about restocking pantry items and we have duplicate kitchen and 80% of the toiletry items that live in the camper already.

Once cleaning is done, I really just have to audit and repack in the backpacking gear. 

The outside can be a bigger effort if Steve’s had to remove tools from the jeep or truck or he needs to pack up additional tools based on upcoming family/friend projects.  The cab packing list includes chairs, kayak, kayak gear, shovel, outdoor mat and anything we’re hauling to the Idaho lot.  Then it’s just the usual load up on water and hit a grocery store on the way out of town.

Did We Really Leave?

You’ll have to watch the vlog to see how it all went and if we really made the escape.

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