A photo challenge about “aromas” is this weeks theme for Sunday Stills.

The sense of smell is the one sense my old puggle, Mr. Cooper, still has working for him. Like any dog, especially one with beagle, he can sniff out both other animals and our lunch crumbs for quite a ways away.

But, he did not enjoy our visit to Yosemite National Park. This is a park full of smelly vapors escaping through the earths crust.

I thought he stuck his tongue out at me as a “I’m not happy in this ride-along outing,” however, now that I’m revisiting the aroma of Yellowstone, maybe he also has a distaste for the sulphuric acid pungent smell that abounds. If you’re not sure what that is like, just think of rotten eggs. Yes. Eggs. Rotting. Oh, yuck.


Our visit in 2018 was a full 4 days visiting every corner of the park that we could get to. Summer crowds made for long drive times. Especially soon after the gate where the bison appear and hang out which ends up slowing everyone.


Upper Basin has the largest concentration of geysers, making it a must see. Add on a visit to the nearby famous Old Faithful geyser and you will have a fulfilling aroma kind of day.

Sulfur is the smell that hovers in the air. It is due to a highly concentrated sulfuric acid and hydrogen sulfide gas contained within the geysers. Hang out around a few geysers and you’ll be wrinkling your nose in no time. It’s also nick named the “smell of hell.”

The aroma as I recall wasn’t stifling but it is noticeable here and there. Yellowstone is such a unique place and I don’t think anyone would say it stinks…but the nose knows!

A Few Favorite Yellowstone Snaps

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