Thinking about what visually is refreshing, brings to mind so many possibilities. Cold drinks on a hot day. A great pool plunge. Visiting with friends that you share a deep connection with. Experimenting with a new dish and it turns out amazing. Exercising your creativity. Learning a new skill. The list goes on.

Refreshing Defined

Serving to refresh or invigorate someone (adjective);
Welcome or stimulating because it is new or invigorating (adjective)

Oxford Dictionary

Change of Scenery Invigorates

For us, at this moment of time, it is refreshing to find a change of scenery. Leave home, shop, projects and our day to day routine is refreshing change. We finally set out for our traveling last week. First, the process of getting ready and moving into Maximus (the custom truck camper) was a nice change of pace. Second, being on the move and elsewhere is refreshing.

First Overnight Spot

A Welcome Refreshment

Lacking photos of a sweaty me savoring an ice cold drink, I opted instead to show you an equally welcome treat. It’s a warm day and a drive day. It’s time for a break at a rest stop. Seems like a great time to break into a Klondike bar.

Here’s another one of our traditional favorites. I can’t succumb to this too often as it’s so sweet! From our Instagram, take a look at our date shake creation. This treat was necessary! We got stuck in an extreme traffic backup and decided to just pause in a local shopping area outside of Indio, CA. A very necessary refreshing break.

My Favorite “Refreshing” Quote

It’s fun to discover quotations that align with a theme. In this case, there were many quotes about refreshing the mind and sleeping well to be refreshed. In the end, Picasso’s quote below was what caught my eye. Loving, being loved, discovering new loves all give us refreshing connections and shared experiences that we can’t find in just our thoughts, solo activities or material things.

Love is the greatest refreshment of life

Pablo Picasso

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