We are both slightly overachievers. When we set out to do something, we are used to eventually succeeding.

Then we’re side tracked with a failure. It sucks. It’s embarrassing. It’s humbling and so much more.

WE got STUCK in MUD that we could not get our selves out of. It was bad and we ended up having to call a towing company that did off road recovery.

When you look back at why, it’s obvious. So, why didn’t we see it before hand? Before we lost hours and ended up without what we came for and a lot less money in our pocket?

On our last travel update, we were leaving our nice quiet spot to head into the Grand Tetons. We visited the park in 2019 and were familiar with a forest camping area called Toppings Lake Road. For this trip, I scoped out a different area called Shadow Mountain just to get the experience of another forest area.

This post was supposed to be about our time in the Grand Tetons park and our wonderful camp find.

Instead this week’s travel vlog post is about how we should’ve not been so bold and over optimistic about our truck’s capabilities. The consequence of pushing it somewhere it “might” go was expensive at the least and could’ve been much worse.

vLog #7 2022 – Got Stuck

It’s a quick watch. We learned something and now we’re sharing the experience.

All along the truck has had a plan to get a custom bumper + winch installed on the front. We even already own the 16000 lb Warn Winch. The bumper project never made it to the top of Steve’s project list. So we left home with out. That was a costly mistake. As Steve mentions in the video he purchased a winch and bumper setup for the Jeep that we tow. It has now been installed. Now we hope we never have to use it!

Our next update, we’ll cover where we finally ended up staying so we could explore the Grand Tetons National Park. On a positive note, it was a really nice trip once we recovered from the trauma of getting stuck.

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