Welcome to our travel update. Our trek has gotten us into Wyoming’s Grand Tetons National Park and the Bridger-Teton National Forest. This post is an overview including our video update. If you missed the previous posts, I include links to the hikes and camp review detailed posts. So many wonderful photos and videos made it challenging to determine what to share so I encourage you to check them all out including the video.

Cloud Ring around the Grand Tetons

If you read our previous vlog update, you know we had a rough beginning to our Grand Teton’s visit. If you missed the post, you can check it out HERE. We share our very expensive and embarrassing mistake.

After our first night’s miserable event, we managed to locate into another camp area and get some rest. The next day we were refreshed and ready to start sight seeing and plan our hikes.

Drive from Shadow Mountain to Toppings Lake RD


We ended up moving to an area called Toppings Lake Road where we stayed 3 years prior. We got lucky that evening and landed in the last available site. It was well after dinner and near sunset by the time we settled into camp. There’s a full Toppings Lake Road camp area review HERE.


View as we leave the camp area

After reviewing the hikes, I decided we’d head over to the Jenny Lake area for hiking.

We ended up visiting the area twice and enjoying two very different hikes.

Here’s a few pictures from both hikes. The full hike review, maps and details are HERE. The video link below shows you how beautiful it was on our hikes and very special encounter with moose and elk!

String Lake

What Else Did We Do?

We took the jeep out and about looking for wildlife. I also wanted to preview other camp areas. So we set out to see dispersed areas Spread Creek and Moran Vista, an established campground Atherton Creek and the National Park’s massive, 272 site, Gros Ventre campground.

Although we did find numerous wildlife throughout our stay; they were never where you expected them to be! We saw deer, chipmunks, the bison herd, an elk, a cow+baby moose, antelope and a coyote. I swear I saw a fox, but Steve thinks I was mistaking it for another animal. Afterall, it was barley 5am and I was squinting to get my coffee going since my eyes weren’t quite open yet.

Mama Moose
Bison Herd

Moose Wilson Road

We drove over to Moose-Wilson road hoping to see a Moose (this was before our hike above where we did see the mama moose and her calf). There’s also a nice parking area and we discovered a walking trail that follows the river habitat. We actually saw a young moose on our previous trip here 3 years ago and was hopeful, we’d get to see more.

Sadly, no Moose were out mid morning that day. During June 2022, the road was under construction and was closed Monday through Fridays. Double check the park information for any construction closures.

Traveling this road from north to south takes us back through the town of Jackson Hole, WY. Good time to do some window shopping and enjoy a lunch date.

Jackson Hole

We spent time in town for a lunch date. I was also on a hat shopping mission. I like to wear ball caps for workout days, walking, and bad camping hair days. The two caps I have are really staring to look sad. Alas, I’m still wearing my sad caps; I never found something that matched my usual color schemes.

There is plenty of shopping and eating to be had in town. After refueling the Jeep, we headed back to camp.

Mormon Row

We also headed out to Mormon Row where there are a few settlement buildings and barns from the early settlers who built their lives here, dug canals for irrigation and farmed the area. It’s a nice area for both history of the earlier settlers and photos. The most iconic park photos looks something like this:

Gros-Ventre Rd-Kelly-Atherton Creek

Curious about both the campgrounds east of the park and the Gros Ventre campground, we took the Jeep out for an afternoon drive. Such a pretty area.

Atherton Creek & Gros Ventre Slide

The Gros Ventre river was dammed up in the early 1900’s and created the Lower Slide Lake. This is where The Atherton Campground sits on the lake and has boating/kayaking access.

We did decide the Atherton Creek campground is probably too far away as a base camp for park visiting, but it’d be nice to stay there and explore the area. The slide event was interesting. Just think part of a mountain slid off into the river and canyon areas forever creating a natural dam and relocation high elevation trees to this lower elevation.

Gros Ventre Camp Ground

This reservations only park campground sits along the Gros Ventre river and isn’t too far from Jackson Hole, WY. There are both full eletrical sites and dry sites. All campground details and amenities can be found on the National Park website. There is also potable water and a dump station available seasonally.

vlog Travel Update – Our Stay in the Grand Tetons

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