Color of the month for July is Red, more specifically ruby red. I realize my title may have you thinking I’m going to show big red wines, but not this time. I first thought about flowers, such as roses, but that felt repetitive and you’ve seen many of my flower pictures. Now, it’s time to surface some new red images! Unfortunately, I’m currently in Wyoming where the dry wind blows through many rock and dirt only vistas. There’s usually not much red showing off in our Wyoming travels. I said usually there’s not much red and I have a nice example of Wyoming Red. We recently drove through a beautiful Red Canyon which seemed to appear out of nowhere. Not quite ruby enough, but it is too gorgeous to not share.

This Red Canyon road is south of Lander, WY. It is visible from the highway which is the only reason we knew it was there. The jeep drive down along the edge of the rising red was just as dramatic as the view from above.

Big City Reds

Big city red photos belong to a long ago trip. I found a handful of red predominant images in the big Apple archive. The firetruck is my favorite especially because it fits in well for this time of year, July; we recently celebrated our Independence day, July 4th, with friends, fireworks, bbq, and parades in Montana. This New York City visit was the last time I was in NYC back in 2013; nearly 2 years after 911.

Speaking of our July 4th holiday, Red Lodge, MT is where we were celebrating. This is where Steve grew up. Now that we’re retired, we’ve adopted it as a regular summer destination. Red Lodge is a small town which has many summer events and large groups come into town. Motorcycle groups have a love for the area with annual events and it’s fun to walk Main street just to see the bikes. Although the locals may not care for the noise they appreciate the business all visitors bring into town.

The Non-City Reds

Well, I snuck in a couple of flower pictures which I’ve posted before! Why not.

All but one of these non-city red photos were from our RV travels. Can you guess which one?

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Check out my recent photo challenge posts. I find that although, I’m not a great photographer that, the challenge has both increased my manual camera skills and has me focused on learning more about my old Sony NEX-3 camera. It’s a great social project to interact with others as well as a creative outlet. Many of my photo challenge posts include much older photos from who knows what camera. I find it entertaining and energizing to scan through my digital photo life these days.