When hitting the road for any lengthy trip, there’s always so much packing. Packing clothing, personal items, entertainment items, dog food, food and drinks and on and on.

However, when planning to travel in our DIY Custom Camper which includes a 2004 Ford F350 6.0L Diesel, Steve’s priority packing starts with the gear.

Recovery gear is essential to get ourselves out of a vehicle emergency. Truck tools, tire kits, and electrical tools and much more all get loaded into the vehicles. Since we tow the jeep, there is a custom box behind the back seat exclusively for about 75% of the gear we need.


The inspiration for doing this video review of our gear and asking for input was knowing we’ve been struggling for 3 months with several rig issues including:

Let us know by commenting on this post or the video, if you have additional input on gear you carry or have suggestions for additional gear we should consider adding!