Construction Way of Life #SundayStills

Construction is everywhere! Living on the road a few months at a time, we pass road work all the time. In towns everywhere, home building is a regular sight. For us, I just have to open a door to find a mass amount of “construction” going on because I am married to a can-do-anything-himself kind of guy who’s attached shop is larger than the house.

Acquiring skills and how-to knowledge has been a rewarding experience in my 50s. It all starts with a small leap into a project and perhaps a good coach or several You Tube videos and you can be on your way to constructing yourself.

Construction in our Travels

Speaking of being on your way, we’ve set out on a long north and then south loop traveling a couple thousand miles. Roadtrips are always riddled with road work which we recently encounted on a small winding highway in central Idaho.

Being unable to stop and exit the vehicle didn’t allow me a chance to snap better photos. There was an avalanche in this general area just 2 years ago; now construction is underway to widen and strengthen the mountain sides along this stretch of highway (Idaho 95). It always pays to check road conditions even in the summer for construction and fire delays.

We recently were in Spokane for a few days and enjoyed discovering the downtown Riverfront Park.

Here’s a Spokane Riverfront Park bridge getting reinforced:

Customizing Our Home(s)

I’ve always enjoyed the process of improving my home but until Steve and I met, my improvement labor was limited to painting walls and woodwork.

Now, the two of us have remodeled several kitchens, laid tile and lvp flooring, built our custom camper, and plan on building our future and final home together. Throughout all of this physical building, my participation has grown beyond painting walls. I now know how to use a circular saw for baseboard work, nail gun (although not great), can assemble cabinets, lay plank flooring, sand and patch walls and a few other light weight skills. Anything requiring strength, welding, electrical work and plumbing fittings, I’ll let him own.

The camper project was a different beast. I’ve decided I’d like to learn welding. I was enthralled watching the welding work going into this project.

Here’s a few photos of our custom camper project:

We have several blog posts and a YouTube Channel documenting the build progression and additional projects.

Maximus Custom Camper 2022

Construction requires a variety of skills and knowledge plus effort to be good at any one thing. However, it takes just a little imagination and determination to create something yourself. The creation process is mentally invigorating and the building process can be physically rewarding. In the end you have something you created and have acquired (and hopefully conquered) a new skill along the way. If this doesn’t sound like you, I can assure it you it doesn’t have a be a large project like a house! Start small; even a tile decorated stepping stone for the garden will move you one step closer to being an authentic DIY’er.

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Since we were planning to be in Spokane, I wiggled in a couple extra days to meet Terri and her husband, Hans, in person. We were warmly welcomed to their home, met the dogs, and shared both walks and meals. The beauty of working virtually and meeting individuals with a shared interest with you is eventually being rewarded with an in person meeting. Thank you Terri for a welcoming us and sharing your new home and area with us.

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