This is an interesting question and theme for the weekly photo challenge. Interesting question with a very simple answer.

Vacate and Find Dark Skies

Staycation provides an opportunity to be local, get out of the day to day routine, finish a creative project, read a book, save money, and hopefully relax. But, will I find the variety of hikes, waterfalls, sunsets, cuisine, and people if I staycation? Not really.

I much prefer to vacate and really get away. I always have. My travels actually start when I decide on where and book a flight, hotel, and identify a few must do activities. I’d leave on a trip and immediately start planning for the next one. If the calendar was empty when I returned home, I’d feel restless until I had line of sight on a fresh travel plan.

Being retired now affords me the flexibility to blend even more vacating. If you’ve read our posts, this blog is all about exploring, our trips and our diy camper life on the road.

A sample of what would be missed if I simply staycationed!

Family time is a biggie for us. We have siblings, parents, and kids all in different locations. Vacating our home base to hit the road (or fly) also means we have been able to not only see family more often (if they’re in driving distance) but, also land on friendly porches of past co-workings, long lost friends and new internet friends.


We ha an invite to join one of our kids+wife up in the Spokane area. Well, lucky for me that meant I could meet up with our photo theme host, Terri and her husband. Not only did we meet up but they put us up in the driveway for 2 nights! Our visit theme was dinners, walks, and sharing. Cooper and Brody met and had a competition of which dog could ignore the other dog more! Someday, I hope they land on my porch so I can repay their generosity.

My Preference

Vacate! And as I type this post, we are back at the shop and everyday here is another day closer to the next Vacation!

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