Rocks become a huge part of a traveling adventure and I never knew I’d be taking pictures of rocks. Rocks are our foundation, they can have color and character, different textures, and different purposes. Volcanos and lava tubes are all new territory to my concrete and asphalt trapped, suburban self. Now, I can say, I’ve been in more caves in 3 years than I have had in over 50.

#Lava is our color of the month photo challenge this week. The color lava being anything brown, orange, black. Halloween was my first thought but Lava is so mush more interesting. It is hot stuff.

The best and more Halloween color scheme photos are towards the end. Happy scrolling!

Craters of the Moon National Park

Craters of the Moon in southern Idaho may have been my first big experience with the massive volcanic history that created this US region.

A scenic 7 mile loop will take you to a few different trails, where you can walk up and down and all around this massive lava flow. Stop in the visitor center for a cave permit and head on over to the cave trail. We spent an afternoon and the next day exploring the park and diving into a couple caves.

Lava Beds National Monument

We happened upon this National Monument traveling between Oregon and California. It is located in Northern California. The park as an interesting driving route that has you traveling to different cave systems. Expansive lava tubes and even an ice cave are some of the main attractions.

Cinder Cone at Easy Chair Crater

A very random stop in the middle of no where, east of Ely, NV we discovered a large cinder cone peak called Easy Chair Crater. Viewed from a certain angle it looks like a chair. We weren’t looking for a long stop, but it was a nice break on our way into Death Vally.

View of Easy Chair from the Road

This is only 1.8 million years and is part of the Lunar Crater volcanic field. This cinder cone has a variety of crystalized lava. There’s a trail you can follow to traverse the cone.

Haleakala National Park on Maui, HW

Years have passed and we’d still claim Maui as our favorite island trip. There’s so much to see and do between snorkeling right from the beach to climbing a volcano peak. This National Park is quite an experience; partly because you are above the clouds and partly because it’s such a drastic temperature change from the rest of your Maui experiences.

Additional Fun “Lava” Color Finds

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