All moments are fleeting, never to be repeated. I believe that’s why so many of us appreciate a great picture. It captures a moment in time. It is still fleeting but the memory is never lost. When you glance at the photo days, months, and years later, the feelings and emotions resurface.

“We are only beginning to learn what to say in a photograph. The world we live in is a succession of fleeting moments, any one of which may say something significant”.

Alfred Eisenstaedt

Exciting moments

I’m sure there are many categories of exciting but one of the most common in photography is capturing a difficult picture. For me, elusive wildlife can be a challenging capture. A moment that may never present itself again just calls to be captured.

Dolphin Jumping off California Coast

Exciting is also attempting to capture the first of an accomplishment or place. Whether it be surviving days on a backpacking trail, hiking up Walter’s Wiggles to Angels Landing or the first time you face a waterfall from the water and as you move closer the mist becomes more intimidating. Moments that may happen once in a lifetime.

Made it to the TOP!

Major Milestones / Stages of Life

Capturing those major milestones is why wedding and baby photographers are busy all the time! None of these are exceptional photos but they captured fleeting moments that I love to reflect back on.

This is baby Cara to College Grad Cara.

My sister and I started life together. First, growing up. Then growing wiser. Now growing older. We’ve always managed life’s changes together. We haven’t lived near each other for years but the distance never changed the bond.

Cara grew up and likes to hang out with me. My sister still likes to hang out with me. We three have a couple trips in the books. This is us in Arizona last year. This photo will be outdated in a few months as we soon all travel to Cabo San Lucas.

Cara, Shelly & Cheryl

Painful Moments

I’ve never been one to capture an emotional or painful moment. Although the painful moments may linger longer in our memories it is still a fleeting moment in time. As the emotions diminish so do the memory.

Fleeting moments come in all shapes and sizes. They are represent many of our best times and worst times.

They reflect major and new accomplishments as well a let downs.

They move quickly in and out of our lives.

We remember some of them and forget many of them.

Fortunately, we remember all that we capture.

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