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This might be the trifecta. Glass as a window acting as a mirror, behind street lanterns lighting the evening path. We recently spent time in Spokane Washington. After the 2nd nights meal we took Cooper out for a walk that turned into a romantic sunset stroll. Great way to wind down the busy weekend before turning in.

Terri’s photos inspired me to share my light house photos. These powerful beauties sent light signals through fog more than 15 miles to guide ships navigating along our shores.

Point Cabrillo- California Coast
Ninini Point Lighthouse on Kauai

From Colorful Bottles to Sand

We recently traveled down the California Coast and dropped in at Glass Beach to stretch our legs. Not a lot of glass to be had but we got to see the coloful sand. The oceans continuous power breaks glass down and down and down until there’s just these little grains of color left.

Glass Beach

Glass isn’t always glass. Slag glass is the byproduct of ore melting resulting in a glossy material that takes on the color of its source. It was a popular glass ware in the early 1900s and now it’s a trinket to be found when in but rock shops.

Arkansas Slag Glass

Portals in Time

Did you know that glass provides an imaginary portal to times gone by?More older glass examples I enjoy discovering random stained glass windows. The first photo is in The Pollard Hotel located Red Lodge, MT. The Pollard built in 1893 as the first brick building built in the town. When telephones were installed, the hotels phone number was “1”

This 2nd stained glass beauty is a large hallway window in the Vikingsholm mansion located on Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe. The Vikingsholm mansion is on the National Register of Historic Places and is known as one of the best examples of Scandinavian architecture in the US.

Glasses for Beverages

Glass is used for beverages both as bottles and at our tables for drinking. I still prefer bottled versus canned drinks.

Does anyone else save a bottle now and again as a memento? Sometimes they’re from a special event or just a uniquely shaped or colored bottle. These bottles were discovered during a very special 50th birthday trip. They definitely aren’t uniquely shaped or colored; although the large ones were quite large. Look closely and you’ll see a group of friends celebrating my 50th birthday with me. I wasn’t able to “collect” these bottles except digitally!

Does anyone remember princess house? I collected stemware over several years in my 20s. Now my daughter has decided she wanted to hold onto the sets.

I may not have stemware left but we do still have a couple wine glasses.

Thinking of old glass has me wondering if anyone remembers princess house? I collected Princess House crystal stemware over several years in my 20s. After downsizing a couple of times, I decided it was time to break up with my crystal. Fortunately, my daughter developed an affection for them and adopted them all!

Even after downsizing, glass memories do still live on in my red glass vase collection. A collection that began with one antique store find 30 years ago.

Here’s Looking at You

On this drive day to Lewiston, ID we followed a large semi truck with fun house like panels on the back of the trailer. A fun way to entertain myself from the road and through my camera.

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