As I was walking just a couple days ago with the sun rising slowly from the east, it was hard not to smile at these blooming desert flowers; they just popped.

Life’s full of vivid, make us smile images, memories and well, simply life. Look around, observe, soak it up otherwise you may just miss it.

Colorful sunny days usually have your eyes roving for something vivid to glance at. We’re so fortunate. We have the means and ease to capture our vivid life adventures and memories.. Revisitng memories with a few clicks through our digital photo albums is just as enjoyable as capturing the image.

Here’s a few of some recent vivid photo moments.

An awe inspiring view at Bryce Canyon National Park keeps me wanting to return again and again.

A wild berry random discovery when traversing a bumpy jeep trail made the harsh road worth the trip. Finding a photo moment also gave me a reason to jump out and shake the road bumps and jolts off my bum.

A graffitied bus? Quite colorful even though I never learned why it was there in the middle of seemingly no where. This oddball roadside find appeared on a map and it made for an intriguing, leg stretching stop.

And, who can’t forget a vidid sunset? It brings to mind all my shared sunsets with Steve. Sunsets signaling a day winding down. Sunsets where we pause and hold my hands while we watch the sun disappear and quietly reflect on the day together.

Anyone else have vivid, memorable adventures? We do all the time. Seems it’s more misadventures than fun. For fun, we take this awesome kayak out. We’ve traversed a snake river portage when we probably shouldn’t have and we’ve had to out run a storm.

Most vivid memory in recent times award however goes to our colorful hot air balloon. I never liked the fact that Steve would not work with me on deciding how to get marry. So when I tossed out the hot air ballon wedding idea and got more than grunt as a response, I knew I had found something that intrigued him as well as me. In February 2018, this vivid balloon took us soaring above Temecula Valley in CA as we said our vows with a few adventurous friends and family surrounding us.

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