Sweet moments come in a variety of images and memories. Sometimes they are memories with someone you love. Here we are on our first afternoon of a 5 day backpacking trip and I’m gleaning energy and confidence from this strong arm curling around me in a nice warm hug.

Sweet is the photo theme for this week’s #Sunday Stills. Now, if I had pictures of my favorite sweet foods, I’d share all of those with you and maybe even the recipes. Unfortunately, I’ve not been big on snapping food pictures and when I do they don’t really look as artistic as I’d hope. So, I will treat you to a few sweet moment photos instead. I hope you enjoy them and if it brings to mind a sweet moment of your own, drop it in a comment below. I love hearing from you.

Rosebud Lake Lunch

Sad Sweet Memories

Finding an image of Cooper in my archive is not a challenge as I definitely have plenty. But this one image makes me sad. Sad because it reminds me of when my 4 legged buddy was younger and enjoying life. Now he’s old; he’s deaf and clings to me so much he can’t even relax unless I’m nearby. That means he no longer simply suns himself on the patio. Knowing his life has wound down makes all my memories of him sweet yet sad.

Sweet Lonliness

Steve and I are together 24/7 and when we’re not together it’s usually because I’m traveling to see my family or doing a girls trip. That means I’m rarely at home alone. In fact, I’ve been alone twice since we’ve been married. The first 24 hours all alone is lovely. The 2nd 24 hours? I tend to get antsy and I needed to do something.

So, I built him a tool/parts message and sent it over to him along with other lovey dovey notes. May not look like a very sweet photo but it’s a very sweet memory.

Sweet Accomplishment

Traveling to Utah’s Zion National Park for my first backpacking trip to the Narrows is and always will be a sweet accomplishment. The day before the big trip, we trekked up Angel’s Landing. Good way to make sure these boots were ready to go.

Boots atop Angel’s Landing in Zion

Sweet Times with My Family

A rare get together that included me (in the middle) plus my cousin and sister on my left and my daughter and Uncle on my right. Now that my daughter Cara is in Arizona, my visits there will occur more often. This one was more special since my sister also joined us from Colorado. If I hadn’t mentioned we were all family, I’m sure you would’ve noticed the resemblance!

A Sweet Path is the One You Travel

Life is a long trip full of adventures, discoveries, learnings, relationships and much more. Letting go of our fear of change, plunging into something different, and moving forward one day at a time allow us to grow individually. Routine is nice to have and even a comfort we cling too. However, taking a leap of faith to shake things up to move a new direction on a different path is what will open doors, your heart, opportunities, and experiences. In the end a more fulfilling life is out there for us all. We just have cross that bridge and start walking the new path or perhaps leap without looking back!

Bridge to your next sweet memory

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