Color of the month photos have landed. After all the cold rainy weather in my part of the world, Spring is just around the corner. We are showing off green everywhere, including the weeds!

Green for our March color plants pictures of shamrocks, mint shakes and mowed lawns in my head. I’ve never found a live shamrock and I gave up a seasonal minty green McDonalds shake by the time I was 30.

Although there’s no pictures of shamrocks in this post, green is alive and here’s a few of my special green memories.

From the mountains to the desert to the ocean and even in my own backyard I present to you a small collection of green photos for this weeks photo challenge.

Weeping Willow

One of my favorite trees is the Weeping Willow.


When out in the big wide desert you feel surrounded by dirt, rock, sand. Yet there are areas covered in green. Joshua Tree National Park has a cholla garden allowing you to surround yourself with desert greenery.

Joshua Tree National Park
Sparkling Cholla in KOFA Queen Wildlife Refuge

A recent visit to the Huntington Library and Gardens has built a large desert garden where you can take in an abundant variety of green cactus.

Huntington’s Desert Garden


If you’ve read a few blog posts or follow my Instagram, you know that water is my go to. It’s soothing to listen to and relaxing to soak in. At least once a year there is a beach or island trip to warmer water and tropical reefs. This is where we venture underwater. Someday, I may even get to snorkel in clear, un-cloudy conditions. For now, this one snap underwater will do. On a windy day, the visibility isn’t great under the waves however, it was certainly warmer under water than out of the water.

Baja Point Snorkeling

Mountains and Canyons

All trees are beautiful and I love discovering the few that grow in what would seem to be challenging conditions. A single tree emerges between the rock fed by water running down the canyon walls.

Just Hanging Out / Banff National Park

Or how about viewing single tree above the forest as the mountain top breaks through the heavy fog?

Reaching Above the Clouds

Spring’s New Growth

Soon our fig tree will start budding. Right now, it’s just a creepy looking tree with branches reaching out to grab you if you walk under it. It won’t be long and these lacy leaves will be fluttering in the breeze. For now, we can enjoy the citrus tree’s greenery and keep conquering all the weeds that have been thriving with all our rain.

Budding Fig Leaf
Orange Blossoms Surrounded by Green

Here’s the not so fun greens. Below is our weed battle from two years ago on our new Idaho building lot. It’s nice to have a lot full of trees and established plants but we were also graced with 8′ tall weeds. About 3 weeks of hard manual labor and we had the lot back to looking beautiful.

Weed Battle

This year, we plan to start building and be around throughout weed season. My mission is to keep them under control! Even though we won that years weed battle, we much prefer to prevent them from taking over!

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