Find a photo that fits the theme “I’d Rather Be [blank]….” and fill in that blank is our photo theme for this week. The simplest way to tackle this is by having [blank] be a happy place. If you know me or have stopped by the blog before, you’ll know I’m a water girl. Being in and around water is a very, very big happy place for me.

I’d rather be … sitting at this picnic table on the shore of Lake Tahoe.

This lake picture is a great photo of my happy place. Along with water, there’s sunshine, sand, and a great mountain view. A happy place isn’t just a destination. Here’s a few examples of what defines a happy place in my world:

  • Happy is both with people and just being alone.
  • Happy is doing something you love or learning something new and challenging, just because.
  • Happy is being home puttering around or discovering new travel adventures.
  • Happy is finishing something horrendous that had to be done no matter what.

Happy with Steve & On the Water

A picture being with someone I love and somewhere I love.

The Arch at Cabo San Lucas

Home & Road Trips both are Happy Places

I am happy at home. I do love the routine and access to amenities that don’t fit in 140 square feet of space. Yet I’m even happier on the road. Our retirement life is defined by discovering new roads, new places, new sights. After a few weeks being home, the road starts calling and it’ll be time to hit the road.

Long Road to an Adventure

Even when this tiny home on wheels has failures. We work through them. It’s a drag at the time, but the problem will get resolved and we’ll continue on our way. In the meantime, we might as well be happy where ever we landed. I’ve learned, that yes, we can be happy in a empty parking lot or mechanics shop in the middle of Indiana. Near the Grand Tetons in Wyoming is a much better happy place!

Our 140 SqFt Home on Wheels a Very Happy Place

Happiness is Just Being Me

Just being my smart, hardworking, loyal, dedicated self has placed me both good and bad circumstances. Yet every event has built a path that has led me my current happiness of my making.

Cheers! cheryl

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