Photo theme for this past Sunday’s photo challenge is “Peek” or “Peak.” I don’t know why I took so long to just send this out and let you peek at my peeking photos! I initially set out searching for my mountain peaks. Then, something about just peeking jumped onto the page first. First photo up is me peeking at you through a mini window found out in Utah’s Capital Reef.

I See You

Peeking Downward

What’s Way Down There?

It is a way long down from this Washington State overlook. We enjoyed gorgeous vistas and views of the road climbing up this pass. Spying the road through moss covered tree seems to offer an even higher perspective.

Favorite Peek a Boo Views

Views from a unique perspective include peeking through windows and arches. I love take pictures of peek a boo views!

Peeking through a Beautiful Natural Window View
Peeking at Mt. Whitney
Bryce Canyon National Park Arch Peeks into the Valley Below

A Peek into the Past

The Ghost Town of Jerome is a great way to spend a couple of hours and experience life a 100+ years ago. There are cars, machines, buildings, workshops, and even a full barber shop, cleaners and general store.

Peek into the Past

We visited Jerome in 2019 while staying outside of Sedona, AZ. We had several days to hike, jeep and explore nearby towns. The Northern Arizona area is a great place to visit via a road trip or plan a camping outing.

What’s Peeking at You?

Another building in the Jerome Ghost Town was where the goats congregated. They carefully observed the visitors. The middle goat whispers to his buddy, “only move if there are carrots in their hands.”

Peeking Goats

Inside Peeking Out

One reason to road trip is the ever changing back door views. Sometimes it changes daily. Other times it changes every few days. When a wide open scenic view settles into my senses my soul is happy.

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