Awaken out of your lazy slumber

Push forward and grow

To what you were meant to be

Be a tree, a flower, a fruit

Delight me with your fragrant color

Enchantment me with your delicate blooms

Shade me with your fast growing leaves

Spring is here


Orange Trees are Blossoming

After weeks of rain downpours, the pleasure of sitting outside with the sun warming my back has been a treat this past week.

Spring is awakening around here! We have new buds on the trees and rose bushes surrounding the orchard on the verge of releasing their orange fragrance.

Along with oranges, we also have a two fig trees. Just a week ago the leaves started growing and our baby figs are budding.

Other new buds and blooms

We are surrounded by a variety of trees and live along a rose bordered street where everything is budding and blooming. Certainly makes for a more colorful and lively daily walk.

We do not however have tulips in Southern California and other than the market, I’ve never seen tulips. Then an opportunity came up just a couple years ago. We were in Washington state in the spring and I had quite a bit of downtime. I decided to go explore on my own while Steve and his son work on the kitchen renovation. While searching online, the annual tulip fields popped up and the bloom had just recently kicked into high gear.

At the time all I saw was blooms and more blooms. Yet, even at full bloom there are a few stragglers holding out a little longer than their full bloom neighbors. You’ll see a few buds not quite opening up into their show off mode.

Start Your Day

Awaken and start your day is easy for some and challenging for others. The word awaken initially had me thinking of actual waking up yet I was positive no one reading our blog and visiting the Sunday Still challenge was interested in seeing me wake up! Besides, it’s usually still dark. Fortunately, I am an early riser which has me catching sunrises and other early birds. From our 2022 North Platte River trip here’s my morning companion taking in the morning rays on the river watching for his breakfast.

Colors of Spring

Nothing quite like a field of flowers to say it’s spring. Although I appreciate a well manicured lawn and how pristine it appears, a carpeted meadow seems to make me smile more.

Carpet of Blooms

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