Photos for this week are of #pets and #playgrounds. Our current pet is Cooper or Mr. Cooper. He is a very typical puggle with a unique, cute look. Most pictures you’ll see of puggles have the pug shorter nose and darker fur.

If you’re not familiar with puggles, they are a beagle + pug mix and were first bred about 30 years ago. Cooper has the quiet pug, i.e., little to no barking, and the beagle nose that has gotten him into trouble numerous times, i.e. wildlife and cat chases.

Walking Cooper

Cooper isn’t a cuddling kind of dog which keeps the shedding fur down at ground level. But he loves his walks.

Walking on Trails is our Playground

We did 2-3 miles daily and up to 5 miles regularly when he was younger. Now he’s good for up to a mile and a half on his good days.

Cooper On The Move

Although Cooper is 100% an indoors dog, he does good getting out in the dirt. As he’s aged, we’ve been living in an RV about 50% of the time, which make his walks much more interesting for him. He now gets to smell and see a variety of non dog animals!

I’m Not a Water Dog

Yes he’s ok with dirt, but water it is a heck no. He’ll tolerate a bath, but will not venture into the water.

The Rare Puppy Pounce

When he’s ready and energetic, we get to see his “come on” “let’s go” moves. Sometimes a rare dog friend comes along and he’ll spar play for about a minute! Rather than play, Cooper uses this move to communicate he really is ready to eat or to walk.

A Younger Camping Cooper Say YES to Dinner

Likes People

Puggles love people and Cooper especially prefers us over other dogs. The breed typically loves to be with people.

We visit my Dad with Cooper in 2018 and to this day Dad still talks about Cooper just walking over to sit next to him and wait to get some attention.

Cooper & Grandpa

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