One of my favorite colors is purple and along with finding flowers to photograph it is nice to find this majestic color outside in nature beyond the lovely flowers that show up in our yards and meadows.

For purple-mountained majesties above the fruited plain

America the Beautiful

My purple majesties are not the Pikes Peak as referenced in the original lyrics. Being majestic they seemed to fit our monthly color theme of purple.

Bruneau Canyon to Wild Horse Trail is where we passed through this high plain outlined by mountains. We were seemingly in the middle of nowhere and on the way to more nowhere. Between the rock, the snow and the afternoon light, the valley shadows show off their colors.

More Purple Light

Sunsets are an awesome time to catch a range of colors especially as the dark stretches across the sky and the sun has dipped below the horizon.

Nevada Desert Sunset

Low Light Turns Purple

Visiting an old friend and enjoying his music with this fun band was one of our highlighted stops last summer but the dimly lighted bar had me struggling to get any decent photos. Not being equipped to handle low light and stage lights, I was gifted with this purple image of the band. What better place to share my unfiltered band picture but here as part of my Majestic Purples post. If you get to the Portland, OR area check out the One Eyed Kats! Lots of great sounds and fun.

Purple Bar Band “One Eyed Katz”

My favorite band member is the extremely talented saxophone player, Melvin. He’s second from the right. We worked together for many years and it’s so fun to see him thriving in retirement through his music.

Flower Power

A purple photo collection would be incomplete without a flower. I recently spent 2 weeks packing and moving Mom over 1100 miles. Fortunately her stamina kept us on a slower pace enabling me to hit the local walking trails. Such a different environment than our dry Southern California climate.

It is very green and lush in the surrounding woods, but every so often I’d find something other than green!

On my last walk before we hit the road, I finally got to see some wildlife. The woods were so quiet all week long and I had wondered where all the animals were. During this last walk, a trio of deer rapidly ran thru the trees. Then a fox sauntered across the neighborhood street into the woods. The deer were too far away in the woods to photograph and I wasn’t quick enough to photograph the fox. Fortunately, I also stumbled on a much slower critter! I shared this little guy in my Crossing Paths photo post! He may not be purple but he was majestic in his own way.

Purple Transformation

My past Arkansas visits took us into historic Hot Springs and got us visiting rock mines. So, before we left, Mom wanted to visit Cole Mines rock store one last time.

Using editing magic, this huge crystal rock is easily transformed from milky white and clear into a purple hued beauty.

Arkansas Crystals at Coleman Mine

Lots of rocks from the local mines and around the world can be found here. Not too far away is an area where you can dig for your own crystals. We did the dig many years ago and all of us still have our treasures! I highly recommend digging for treasures as it is great for young and old alike.

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