Roads, Paths and Trails is a great photo theme for this weeks SundayStills. Fortunately for us all, I have a new trail to show you. Along with a new trail, I had fun playing with my new to me iPhone 11 Pro camera these last few days. Come pop on into Hot Springs Village, AR, where I’ve been working with my mom. We are packing up decades of belongings and helping her relocate to Colorado. Mom is 82 and ready to move westward closer to my sister and I.

Mom has called this area home for 19 years. It’s a big change and even though it’s a lovely area, I know I’ll never return. Hot Springs Village is an area with several lakes, golf courses, abundant forests and miles of trails. Not far away in Hot Springs, AR is a National Park and the famous bath house row.

As we’ve gotten more packing done, my trail walks have stretched out daily. The most recent trail walk was more than 5 miles round trip. The bonus was landing at a lake.

Delightful Discoveries

Creek Spring Flow

This chair invited me to hang out while viewing the boats, water, bugs and the wind blowing through the trees.

The trail offered up bright green treats to capture which are quite different from our dry, desert like hiking areas in Southern California.

The area here is known for its crystal mining. I’m pretty sure it’s a kid and geologist heaven. Along the walking trail, I’d find numerous arranged rocks put on display. Reminds me of a long ago visit with my daughter enjoying rock exploration and even a real mining dig adventure.

Surprise Encounter

Although I haven’t seen deer, they are usually abundant around here. The squirrels and chipmunks are aplenty as well as being very quick to scurry out of site.

What I never expected was this fellow! Being unable to scurry away fast he made a good photo subject.

This tiny turtle with orange markings and amber eyes was already at a standstill by the time I noticed him.

He didn’t seem to mind my presence too much as I circled about with my camera snapping away.

That was quite a fun long trail walk. On my return from the lake, my turtle friend had moved on. I glanced along the creek bank hoping to find him lingering about. Alas, he was no where to be seen; still I wonder if he was silently staring me down with those amber eyes making sure I just kept moseying on before continuing his own journey.

Nearly Done

As I finish this post, we are getting ready for the final day or packing and prepping and tomorrow we fetch a U-Haul to load up all Moms belongings.

Fortunately, the weekly rains have slowed down and we’ll have sunny days through our loading day. I have two more evening trail journeys left and then I’ll be saying goodbye.

Evening Shadows Stretching Out

Just as the shadows of our life stretch out to new places and my turtle buddy meanders to a new destination, so shall Mom and I.

Glimpses of Many Miles, Many Roads

Here’s a collection covering a wide range of roads and paths from our own journeys. What’s your favorite path that you’ve traveled and why?

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