When we set out to explore Utah, I had a goal of hiking in Bryce Canyon National Park. Between reviewing maps and trail info online and the printed park hiking details we settled on a hike to see Queens Garden. We ended up doing the longer trail which included the Navajo loop trail and the Queens Garden trail. This was a good way to get a closer view of the hoodoos and the terrain under the rim in the canyon.

The hike however was very busy and it did feel crowded. Unlike, our experience in the Red Rock area, where we were mostly alone for a few hours.

I thought the descent to the canyon floor was breathtaking it was exciting to view the terrain and hoodoos in various formations closer up. Quite different than being up on the rim. The ascent backup was a surprise. Unlike coming down from Sunrise Point where you were in the open, this portion of the trail has you climbing through a slot canyon. It was a most welcomed respite from the heat.

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Where to Stay Near Bryce Canyon National Park

If you’re camping, there are a couple campgrounds in the park and just outside of the park. However if you’re like us and prefer to boondock or dry camp, check out Dixie National Forest. There is a lot of area near the park offering dispersed camping. We stayed off of Toms Best Spring Road which has a camping limit of 16 days.

Free Camping near Bryce Canyon Video Review

What’s Next

Continuing onward through CO and into WY. Steve will be working on projects in WY for a couple of weeks. After that we will meander further north into Montana. Not quite sure what the next leg of travel entails but I’ll plot a direction and hunt for something interesting. So, stay tuned!

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