The Handsome Mr. Cooper

This is our dog, Mr. Cooper. Both of us grew up with dogs, although My husbands dogs were work dogs and not pets he still has a dog friendly presence around every dog we run into and they love getting a Steve rub down.

As a full time working adult, my daughter per grew up with only cats as our family pets. I didn’t end up with another dog until I was in my forties. And that dog was Mr. Cooper. The cats were great as pets (most of the time), but nothing is like bonding with a dog, IMHO.

When I adopted Cooper, I learned he is a puggle which is a beagle / pug mix, and he was 3 years old at that time. I fell in love with his quiet style. I’d never know of a nearly non barking dog until I met a puggle.

Cooper rarely barks unless he sets out chasing something. He definitely has the hunting and scent genes of the beagle and with his longer snout has little of the nasal issues of the pug breed.

He is now 14 years old and enjoys his daily walks. We do 3-4 miles but these days, it’s split into two walks.

Loves Walking More Without the Booties

He travels with us several months of the year in the truck camper. He’s quiet cozy in the camper but does not like the driving at all. Both at home and on the road, a dog is a great ice breaker. I love getting out and walking to see the neighborhood and say hello to other pet owners out and about.

After Dark Collar Keeps Mom Happy

Cooper rarely leaves my side. He is patient. He was a patient and comfortable companion during a major life rough patch. We adore each other.

When an eighty-five pound mammal licks your tears away, then tries to sit on your lap, it’s hard to feel sad.

Kristan Higgins
Overlooking Grand Junction, CO

I had a similar bond with my childhood pet, a Great Dane named Dutchess. As a teen girl, there were a few heart breaks and teary days. But having a pet seems to make things better. A dogs bond is healing. I don’t have any old photos of our Great Dane to share. But picture the runt of the litter, a knot at the end of her tail (no show dog material) and long floppy ears. Mom left her ears alone and she had big floppy ears that actually stung if you were nearby when she shook her head!

As a young family and long working hours, we had cats. A family that we spent a lot of time with was and still is a cat family. They picked up a kitten and we got one of his brother. Rascal was a cat with dog characteristics, which made him entertaining to say the least.

Eventually we added 2nd cat as a companion, Widget. Widget was not as much of a people cat, but she did like to find warm spots with us and her new buddy, Rascal. They both enjoyed the holiday decorations they could get to and the pile of wrapping paper play time was pretty hilarious. They made our home more enjoyable for the time they were with us.

I still think reminisce about Rascal often. He’s the only pet I raised from a 6 weeks old! His personality was very endearing and unique.

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