The Color of the Month is Aqua / Teal

How appropriate since, my closet is 50% aqua and teal. I’m in a rut when it comes to what color clothing to buy, however, I’m not in a rut when it comes to finding water. Swimming laps in the local gym, gazing from the side of a mountain to an Alpine lake, immersing myself in gorgeous, blue, glacier fed waters, and, of course, I’m always up for the southern, warmer water for snorkeling or diving.

Although my choice of clothes colors was where my mind first went as I pondered our monthly color, I quickly pivoted. My mind quickly (which is unusual) recalled numerous beautiful, water areas we’ve visited. Below are a small set of photos from our watery Fall trip to Cabo San Lucas, MX and a little further back in time, our trip north I was introduced to gorgeous, glacier fed lakes. It is easy to get lost in the color and tranquility of aqua waterways.

Glacier Fed

I’d never seen a glacier fed lake until 2019 when we made our way into Canada. Even after we crossed back into the US, we got to prolong the love fest as we traveled and camped through the Cascades in Washington. The North Cascades Scenic highway is a spectacular drive. Check out our original post for my trip photos showing off the multiple lakes along the highway.

Gorge Lake in Washington’s Cascade Mountains

This small glacier fed pool at the end of a long hike is a most gratifying view of aqua. Grinnell glacier is the end goal of the same named trail in Glacier National Park. It was a challenging hike for us because of our own stupidity. We did not plan well enough for how long we’d be out and had insufficient water and snacks on hand. Hangry with 3 miles left to trudge to the car was not pleasant.

Grinnell Glacier

I do highly recommend this hike, however it is very popular. The trail head parking was overflowing by the time we arrived.

Sea of Cortez and Southern Aqua Water

My first trip to Cabo San Lucas, MX was via a cruise ship. A cruise stop provides you with just a glance of any one particular port. Last fall, I got more acquainted with the area beyond a quick boat ride to the arch and a margarita on the beach that the cruise port time allowed. While the town and marina was busy our hotel resort was very calm and peaceful. Check out the water view on our afternoon sailing cruise!

Although the ocean to me is not quite as mesmerizing, as those glacier fed waters, it definitely calls my name. Plus I can jump in…and jump in I did, multiple times. For more Cabo sights and sounds check out our YouTube video.

Not only is my rash guard aqua, but my snorkel vest and the detail on my shorty dive suit are aqua. As you can see, I never get tired of this color or any blue for that matter.

Shorty and Snorkel Vest in my Colors

Layer up!

Even my light rain jacket is aqua. A necessity for a Fall Washington mountain hike.

Damp and Drizzly Hike

Aqua is derived from the Latin aqua simply meaning water. How appropriate that my initial thoughts were of watery adventures; well after admitting to my primary closet color addiction. Now, you all know a fun fact about me. Let me know, if one of your primary colors is aqua.

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